About Us

Before JavaHook™, every Saturday morning Jen looked forward to her hazelnut latte to-go before heading to her local grocer.  The inspiration behind JavaHook™ came one day when Jen, now VP of Sales & Marketing, became frustrated when the store had removed their clever cup holders from their shopping carts.  Her frustration mounted as her weekend ritual became cumbersome and messy.  Frustration led to inspiration and the JavaHook™ concept was born.

Shortly thereafter, Mark, Jen’s husband transformed his wife’s inspiration into reality. Mark sought assistance from a friend to aid in the design and manufacturing of the product.  For the next year, they worked together creating, designing, and manufacturing the JavaHook™.  The JavaHook™ is manufactured and packaged in the USA.

Mark and Jen live in San Antonio, Texas with their two children, Tanner and Brynn and their black lab, Ellie and Siberian Russian Forest cat, Hannah.