What is JavaHook?

Do you find it difficult to drink coffee while shopping because shopping carts don’t have a cup holder?  Do you settle for coffee served on the airlines because it’s too cumbersome to hold your coffee during take-off, when your seat back and tray tables are in the upright and locked position?  Where do you place your coffee while stowing your bags on an airplane?  Introducing, the JavaHook®!!

   The JavaHook®, is the solution for the coffee enthusiast on the go!

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“Get hooked and hands free with JavaHook!”

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JavaHook® is a registered trademark, US Patented & made in the USA. JavaHook® is made of BPA-Free Medical Grade Plastic, has earned 2012 Best New Product Award at CoffeeFest Seattle & 2013 International Home+Housewares Show Innovation Award.

Our slogan: “Handle life, not your coffee cup!”


Using JavaHook® is simple.

Just slide JavaHook® under an insulating sleeve, and once it’s hooked, it easily hangs, giving you hands free.


BUY NOW on Amazon.

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Best New Product

Best New Product (non-consumable) at Coffee Fest Seattle 2012. Don’t forget the JavaHook® works GREAT with cold beverages!! Just slip the JavaHook® through a sturdy sleeve and enjoy your iced coffee or beverage ON THE GO!! Great for air travel, shopping carts and much, much, more!! Gets yours on Amazon TODAY!

JavaHook makes History

JavaHook® officiates coffee’s true meaning by enabling coffee on the go, no spills, take it with you.
JaveHook is so handy, that it can be used to bring along your favorite smoothie, milkshake or any beverage, spill-proof.

JavaHook® is trademarked, has a US patent and made in USA.

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