JavaHook is the original, reusable patented Coffee Cup Holder that Comes in 6 Trendy Colors and is the Trend to Coffee on-the-go.

Javahook banner

Since the invention of  JavaHook, coffee drinkers no longer need to be inconvenienced by the likelihood of spilling their coffee or leaving it behind while taking it from location to location. 

JavaHook has enhanced the mobility tasks of taking your coffee from place to place by removing the complication with its built-in feature of hooking on to an object, thus leaving you hands-free to do other things like use your cell phone without fumbling your coffee cup.  Here is what you can look forward to while using JavaHook:

  • To-Go Holder for Coffee Cup, that functions with a Disposable or Reusable Coffee Cup Sleeve.
  • This Coffee Cup Handle Secures Your To-Go Cup with a Sleeve on Shopping Carts, Airline Seat-Back Trays, Airline Magazine Pouches, Car Door Handles, iPads, etc. Leaving Your HANDS FREE!
  • Perfect for Coffee Lovers, Busy Moms, and Frequent Travelers.
  • Reusable Coffee Cup holder that Comes in 6 Trendy Colors!
  • Made in the USA from Sturdy BPA-Free Medical Grade Plastic – Patented.
  • Get JavaHook on Amazon now while supplies last!

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